Kangela Elveera


Date of Birth
March 19, 2009
Date of Death
March 9, 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
One of Jo Jo Hello's eldest daughters
Also Known As
Chibuku Scud's sister

Kangela(VEF119) was born on March 19, 2006 in the Elveera group. Her mother was Jo Jo Hello and her father was Habusu. Her litter-mates were Gijima(VEM118) and Chibuku Scud(VEF120). Her mother was the dominant female so the pups were the foruc of the Elveera group. The three pups survived their first few months. When Kangela was five months old, her mother gave birth to Scrawny and Mr. Scruff. Kangela was too young to help her mother care for the pups. It wasn't long before Kangela reach a year of age and started taking an active role in the mob. Soon she and her litter-mate sister became the eldest females under their mother still in the group. When Kangela became two, she started becoming interested in the many rovers who visited the Elveera. She mated with one of the many rovers who visited the group in mid 2008 and became pregnant along with her sister Chibuku Scud. The males who may have mated with her were either Whisker males Rufus, Rhogan Josh, Young One male Axel or Lazuli males J. Alfred Prufrock, Bosh, Shaka Zulu, Bash and Bruce a Chuckle Bros rover. Kangela gave birth but she lost her litter to her pregnant sister. September 2008 Chibuku Scud gave birth to Togo, Lena and Keito. Kangela became a aunt and even thoguh she lost her own litter, she helped her sister care for her pups. The Elveera was one of the biggest group by then do to the new litters. With big mobs some times more then one meerkat wears a radio collar. Most often the radio collar is placed on the dominant female or male. Other times a suborcinate meerkat wears a radio collar in cast a group splits. Then both groups can be tracked. A radio collar was placed on Kangela and her litter-mate brother Gijima. Jo Jo Hello then gave birth to Winnie, Mika and Oskar. Kangela was often evicted with her sister being the oldest suborinate females. Kangela became pregnant again along with her sister Chibuku Scud and her mother Jo Jo Hello. Both Kangela and Jo Jo Hello lost their litters while Chibuku Scub gave birth to Kumba, Chil Sung and Cuzco. Kangela was evicted by her mother in early 2009. She was showing signs of TB and was considered Last Seen on March 9, 2009.


Mother: Jo Jo Hello

Father: Habusu

Kangela on the road

Sister: Chibuku Scud

Brother: Gijima


Elveera Mob

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

Habusu Young Ones

Chibuku Scud Elveera

Gijima Elveera

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