Jubulani Young Ones

Jubulani Young Ones(VYF005)

Formerly of the Frisky
Date of Birth
January 2, 1996
Date of Death
February 23, 2004
Cause of Death
VYM002, VYF003 and VYF004
A wild male and Pippin
Soiux, Frascati and at least another 31 pups in Frisky maybe: Garnet
Known For
Over throwning her mother

Young Ones

Jubulani(VYF001) was born in the Young Ones Mob on January 2, 1996. Her mother was Igraine and their father was either Keros or Arah. Her litter-mates were one brother VYM002 and two sisters VYF003 and VYF004. They were the first litter born in the Young Ones ever. They survived even though their mother was not the dominant female. They survived to adulthood. Sadly her brother was predated on January 18, 1997 at a year of age. She had her sisters stayed in the Young Ones and helped care for the dominant female Morgause's pups. They were often evicted by her but managed to rejoin the group with their mother. She only lived in the group for three yearz then was evicted along with Igraine, and her two sisters.


The females could not rejoin the group. Their time at the Young Ones was over. The four females found the Hobo mob, with consisted of just the Young Ones females. The females were not followed in 1998 then reappeared in 1999 with wild males.


The gruop was called the Frisky Mob/ Her mother Igraine had taken the position of dominant female wild a wild male. Jubulani remained in Frisky under her mother and cared for her pups. Then Jubulani was evcietd but rejoined the group. She over threw her mother and took dominance of the Frisky. She then evicted Igraine, VYF003 and VYF004. The evicted females started the Jabberwocky Mob. After the wild male at her side died, Frisky male Garnet took over as natal dominant male but he finally left the group with two other males. Garnet may have been one of her sons or Irgaine's sons, making him her brother or son. After most of the adult males left to rove, a group of Young Ones males joined the group and Pippin, her cousin, took dominance next to her. Jubulani would stay dominant for five years and the two of them would have many pups together. She sadly died on February 23, 2004. Her daughter Sioux. assummed the roll of dominant female but was predated a few months later. Jubulani's older daughter, Frascati, took over as dominant female. The Frisky were later lost in early 2013


Young Ones Mob

Hobo Mob

Frisky Mob

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