Juani and her sisters Tortilla and Chole Van Helsing along with brother Hoki-Tu were all born on January 15, 2008, to mother Bananas. Former Whiskers girls Bananas, Flo, and Billy had teamed up with two wild males to form the new group that was called Van Helsing, making Juani one of the first pups born into Van Helsing. Her mother Bananas sadly disappeared in early spring of 2008. Juani had became pregnant, but aborted her litter probably due to young age. Juani and her sisters were among the first to be evicted when the dominant female Billy became pregnant. In October, Billy evicted Flo, Troy, Juani, Chole, and Tortilla; today, they are considered Last Seen, but may have immigrated into a new, wild group.


Van Helsing Mob

Bananas Whiskers

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