Jimp, Bandersnatch and Flammkucken

Jimp, Bandersnatch and Flammkucken

was born in the Lazuli Mob on November 2010. His mother was Young, the dominant female and his father was Rufus, the dominant male. Jimp was born with two litter-mate brothers named Dis-Grace(VLM175) and Caleb(VLM177). Jimp was born in the first litter fathered by Rufus who had overthrown the former dominant male Wollow in Febraury of 2010. Soon Young become pregnant again. She gave birth in January 2011, Jimp and his brothers were already three months old and no longer the center of attention in the Lazuli, Jimp wasnt old enough to help with the new litter. The Lazuli was one of the biggest mobs around with a large territory and many adults within the group, so Jimp and his two brothers survived to adulthood. In June 2012 Jimp went roving for first time along with other males. Jimp continued to rove. Sadly in January 2013, He was considered Last Seen.


Lazuli Mob

Young Lazuli

Rufus Whiskers

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