(VFM176) was born on January 30, 2011 in the Frisky Mob. His mother was Quaver and his father was an unknown rover. His litter-mates were Franny The Pooh(VFF174),  Franny Pooh(VFF177) and Penelope(VFF179) and one brother Ally Pally(VFMM178). Their mother was the dominant female so the pups were the made focus of the mob. The Frisky were a good size mob but here losing members due to disease. In March 2011 Franny Pooh sadly was predated, then in May Franny The Pooh was predated. Then in June a group of Drie Doring males joint the Frisky, with Falco taking dominance. At the age of eight months old, his brother Ally Pally becme seperated from the group and went roving. He disappared and was considered Last Seen in September 2011. Jeso and his remaining sister Penelope survived through their first year. Jeso started to help out around the mob and soon started to take to roving with the older males. In June 2012 his mother Quaver sadly died of TB leaving his aunt Muscat as the dominant female. Penelope gave birth to three pups in October 2012 but the litter was lost. Jeso was an uncle for the first time. In December 2012, Two Kung Fu females in the company of a Drie Doring male joined Frisky. Jeso went roving with the adult males while his sister was evicted with the other subordinante females. Jeso all the subordinante meerkats were absent however Jeso reappeared at the Frisky in Janaury but did not rejoin the group. This was the last time he was seen and Jeso was Last Seen in Janaury 2013.


Frisky Mob

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