Jeff(VRRF165) was born into the Rascals in March 2014. Her littermates were VRRF164, VRRM166, Bruce(VRRM167), Lulu(VRRF168) and VRRP169. Her mother Edna May was subordinate female, despite this, dominant female Sancerre let the pups live. Jeff's father is unknown but it could have been Bandersnatch, Priscilla or Drachentöter as all these males were around the group before Edna May got pregnant. VRRP169 would sadly be predated in April and VRRM166 was Last Seen in July. Despite this, Jeff and her remaining siblings thrived and survived to adulthood. In August 2014, despite still being a subordinate female, Edna May gave birth again to VRRF170, Oopslie(VRRM171), and Oli(VRRM172). This was the first litter born into the Rascals since Jeffs litter, this also meant Jeff and her siblings were no longer the kids of the group. In December of that same year, VRRF164 was Last Seen. In July of 2015, Jeff was evicted for the first time and was absent at the end of the month along with her sister Lulu. Luckily though, next month she was allowed to rejoin the group. In February 2016, her brother Bruce succumbed to TB and in December of that same year, her mother Edna May died. She and Lulu were now the last of their litter and despite being the two oldest in the group, neither went for dominance. Dominance was instead taken by VRRF180 until she was later overthrown by VRRF193 in May. Despite being over three years old Jeff has never been reported to be pregnant and has only been evicted once. Jeff is still alive and living in the Rascals today.

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