Jean Luc(VWM008) was born into the Whiskers on November 28, 1998. His mother was Piglet and his father was a roving male. His littermates were his one brother named Lancelot(VWM006) and two sisters named Artemis(VWF007) and Aphrodite(VWF008). They survived even though they were not the dominant female Holly's pups. The pups grew into adults and started helping in family life. Jean Luc's brother Lancelot even saved Holly's most famous litter from the Lazuli, a rival gang. In September 1999, Piglet, along with Jean Luc's aunt Brambles, and cousins Mufassa and Rafiki all disappeared. On January 15, 2000, Jean Luc was Last Seen. He probably left the group to rove, or maybe joined a wild mob.


Mother: Piglet

Father: Unknown

Brother: Lancelot

Sisters: Artemis and Aphrodite


Whiskers Mob

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