Jason Bourne(VBBM010) was born on April 8, 2008 into the Baobab Mob. His mother was Cruise and his father was either Al Pacino or Al Capone. His litter-mates were his sister named She-Ra(VBBF012) and brother named Scorpion King(VBBM011). Around the time of their birth, the dominant female Hawkeye also had a liter, however both litters survived. Shorlty after Jason Bourne was born, Cruise ousted her litter-mate sister from the dominant female position for two months then she lost dominance when Hakweye challanged her. When Jason Bourne reached adulthood, he began to rove rather frequently even though he was not the oldest of the Baobab males. In October 2009 Jason Bourne went roving at the Aztecs Mob and mated with Squig, however she lost the litter. Jason Bourne returned to the Baobab and remained there for another two years. In March 2011, there was a small group-split inwhich Jason Bourne, his brother Scorpion King and three other Baobab males Moby, Crackle and Toni, and a young female named Mum split. The splinter group were not seen again. Jason Bourne was sadly Last Seen with his brother Scorpion King in Janaury 2011.


Baobab Mob

Squig Whiskers

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