James Bond(VEM131)

James Bond Babysitting

was born in the Elveera on April 3, 2008. His mother was Jo Jo Hello and his father was Teabag. His litter-mates were his two sisters Vidy(VEF132) and Nathalie(VEF133). The Elveera were a small mob but because Jame Bond and his siblings's were the dominant female Jo Jo Hello's pups, the whole group looked after them. James Bond and his two sisters survived to adulthood. Sadly in 2009 disease soon stuck the group killing Jo Jo Hello first. James Bond's older half sister Chibuku Scub became the dominant female. His sister Nathalie mated with a rover and gave birth to three pups. James Bond was now an uncle and he helped his sister care for her pups, sadly only one survived In late 2009 the Elveere splinter, only four meerkats remeber while all others disappeared. Sadly he, Chiuku Scud and other three meerkats including Vidy died of TB. James Bond's splinter group was never located and he was Last Seen.


Elveera Mob


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