Jalali Geckos
Birth Date
September 18,2008
Death Date
Last Seen December 2009

Jalali (VGCF009) was born on September 18, 2008, in the Geckos group, mothered by AnnieAnnieAnnie(VCDF011). Jalali's litter-mates were Nanutoni(VGCM010) and Okaukuejo(VGCM008). By the end of September, her mother became the dominant female. VGCP011 was predated, and in November, so was VGCP010. In December, AnnieAnnieAnnie lost dominance to Suzi Two-Tone MacFloozie Commandos Suzi Two-Tone Macfloozie, and VGCM002 assumed dominance beside her. Within the same month, AnnieAnnieAnnie gave birth to Jalali's seven younger siblings. By November of 2009, all Geckos members, including Jalali, all disappeared and Geckos were lost by December 2009.


Geckos Mob

AnnieAnnieAnnie Commandos

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