JaXX Mob

JaXX Mob

Date of Forming
May 2008
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)

The JaXX Mob was formed in May of 2008 by two Lazuli females Diana and Papillon and a Hoax male named Sid Vicious. Papillon was pregnant and gave birth to two pups named Millie and Spike, and soon after, JaXX established a territory bordering Lazuli. Diana and Sid Vicious took the dominant positions until two wild males Vince and Monsoon Moon joined the group. Vince took over as dominant male from Sid Vicious, who left the group to form the Sequoia. The JaXX were well-establishing until the loss of Vince and two other males. Diana was left without a breeding partner, so her eldest son Kori assumed the dominant male position for a month before stopping, but only briefly; he soon reassumed dominance again in the absence of no non-related males. It wasn't until mid 2013, when Kori and all the native male took off in a coalition roving, that three wild males joined.

Dominant Pair

When the group was formed, Diana was the oldest of the two founding females and established dominance along with Sid Vicious. However, two wild males who joined the group and Vince ousted Sid Vicious and became the dominant male at Diana's side. After his disposal, Sid Vicious dispersed and joined another group. Diana and Vince were the dominant pair until in April 2009 when Vince disappeared along with two subordinate males. After Vince disappeared, there was no clear dominant male until Diana's oldest son Kori established himself as the dominant male. In July 2013, Kori and all the natal males left to go roving, and three wild males joined the group. One of the males Scarface established dominance in September 2013. However, he took to roving and wasn't allowed to rejoin the group because Guinnes had taken dominance in February 2014. Diana sadly died in August 2014, a month later Teahupo'o became the dominant female. Teahupo'o would be found dead in Late 206 and Baloo took her spot alongside newly immigrated male LLCoolj.

Current Members

The JaXX have 12 members as of July 2017.

Baloo(VJXF080) Dominant Female

LLCoolj (VLM208) Dominant Male

Jazzy Jeff (VLM207)

Superted (VJXF085)

Myt (VJXF096)

Eedward (VJXF097)

Sharpsepar (VJXM099)







JaXX currently holds territory west of heights and southwest of the Lazuli Mob. Their other rivals are the Toyota, Godzilla, and Cave Men; however, both the Godzilla and Cavemen were lost. Then they started to encounter the Chalibonkas until they died out. The JaXX started to encounter the Ewoks, Überkatz Mob and the occasional wild mob in recent times.

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