Islay Rascals

Rascals meerkats drinking

Yes, formally of the Rascals
Birth Date
September 18, 2006
Death Date
September 1, 2009
Cause of Death
Disappeared, probably was predated
Known For
Fourth Dominant Female of Rascals
Also known for
Having only one surviving pup Tigi

Subordinate Female

Islay (VRRF103) was born on September 18, 2006 in the Rascals mob. Her mother was Yeca, the long-term dominant female, and her father was Spofi, Yeca's equally long-term partner. She survived her first few months, but in June of 2007, lost both her mother and father to predation; this was a tragic loss to the Rascals, as Spofi and Yeca had led the group for numerous years; to be exact, Islay's mother had been the head of Rascals since she was only 11 months old, no more than a teenager. After Yeca's death, Islay's older sister Blondie and their brother Harvey took over as the leading couple. In October of 2007, two Frisky males, Fable and Clinton Baptise, joined the group while almost all of the natal Rascals males went roving. However, all the males, including immigrant Fable, left the group, excluding one Rascals' male who endeavored to fill the dominant male slot. During the whole year of 2007, the Rascal's steadilly lost members, making their future questionable, but the January of 2008 brought with it a ray of hope: Islay, Blondie and Tooey were all pregnant, however this light was short-lived as all females lost their litters the next month. By April of 2008, the Rascals only had three members: dominant female Blondie, Islay and Tooey. The future was now direly bleak, but finally, Islay gave birth to five pups, VRRP111, VRRP112, Tigi (VRRM113), VRRP114 and VRRP115. However, only her son Tigi survived. Blondie gave birth to a litter of five pups, but only three survived; these children were named Sancerre, Rioja and Grigio. Islay gave birth again but all the pups died. Two wild males joined the group, and Grus took over as the dominate male. Blondie then gave birth to six pups, all which survived. The Rascals slowly began to recover from their low numbers, but in July 2009, Blondie died after being the dominate female for two years.

Dominate Female

Islay became the dominant female of Rascals beside Grus, who was still the dominant male. Her son Tigi survived to his first year. Islay became pregnant in August but aborted her litter the next month shortly before she was killed at only two months of leadership. She was most likely taken by a predator on the first of September, 2009. Her niece Sancerre took the position of dominant female, leading the Rascals, which were low in numbers again. Rioja, Sancerre's littermate sister, gave birth to three pups. Islay only had one litter which in which one pup survived: Tigi, who was dominant male in the Colombians Mob and later Ewoks. He fathered several pups and lived for nearly nine years.

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