Indiana Nematoads
Yes, of the Nematoads
Date of Birth
March 2014
Date of Death
October 2016
Cause of Death
Rum Tum Tiger and Wild Males
VNMP024, VNMP025, VNMP026 and VNMP027
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Nematoads

Indiana(VNMF004) was born into the Nematoads in March 2014. Her mother was Fran The Wo-Man and her father was Unknown. She had no litter mates, a very rare thing. She did have two cousins who were born a month prior, Hiw and Slightly Itchy. She lived a calm life, not much of not happening while she was growing up except, in November, seven months after her birth, her mother Fran The Wo-Man was evicted and did not return to the group. In January 2016, Bernie, the dominant female at the time was predated. Though Indiana was the eldest female in the group she did not take dominance until May of that year. In that same month, she got pregnant, possibly to a rover, as there was no dominant male at the time, or to one of the wild males in the group at the time. However, the next month she would abort. In June she finally got a permanent mate when Rum Tum Tiger joined the group. In August 2016, Indiana got pregnant and in September she gave birth to VNMP024, VNMP025, VNMP026, and VNMP027. But all of these pups would be lost the next month, though, it was her first litter so there weren't high expectations. In October she fell ill to TB, VNMF015 took this chance to overthrow Indiana and she succeeded. Indiana and her younger cousin, Nanook, were found dead a few days later.


Nematoads Mob

Fran The Wo-Man

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