Famous Meerkats



Yes, formally of the Whiskers and now of the Aztecs
Vialli, Flower and Monkulus
Main article: Zaphod Vivian

Zaphod Vivian was the former dominant male of the Whiskers. He, and his brother, Yossarian, were of Vivian origin but joined the Whiskers in 2002. After the death of his original mate, Vialli, Zaphod met up with Flower and the two led the Whiskers through a "Golden Age". After Flower's death, Zaphod remained strong and held the position of dominant male, until being separated from his mob. However, he led a coalition of male meerkats and joined the Aztecs, where he now holds his position as dominant male. He is the longest-living male meerkat at the Kalahari Meerkat Project study site and remains, to this day, the "King of the Kalahari".


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