Incas Mob History

  • In March of 2007, the Whiskers Mob is seperated. One large group of females form a new group that became known as the Aztecs Mob. The Whiskers Mob is now led by Zaphod Whiskers and Rocket Dog Whiskers. But, after Zaphod and several other Whiskers males chase of a roving male near their burrow, they become seperated from the Whiskers.
  • The group of males that became seperated from the Whiskers become a mob of their own. The new group is called the Incas Mob. This mob consists of Zaphod, Logan, Alonzo Mourning, and Orinoco. Zaphod holds the leadership position. The mob has no females which means, no dominant female to be at the dominant male's side. Without a female in the group, they will be unable to reproduce and the mob will come to an end.
  • Not long after the mob's initial formation, they come across a large group of Whiskers females. This was the splinter group from the earlier split-up. They had been named the Aztecs Mob. In the mob, there was one Young Ones male, Homestar Runner. The males quickly chased him away and joined the Aztecs Mob with Zaphod and Monkulus as the dominant pair.

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