Ilanga(VSQF041) was born in January 2012 in the Sequoia Mob. Her mother was either Benzedrine or RU and her father was either Bruce or an unknown male. Ilanga's litter-mates were VSQP038, Nulli(VSQM039), Yoda(VSQM037), Injabulo(VSQM040) and Briesmut(VSQM042). Sadly, VSQP038 was predated a month after birth. The rest of the litter survived their first weeks of life. In May 2012, the Sequoia split up and formed a new group.


Ilanga and her two brothers, Nulli and Breismut, remained with the splinter group that was later called the Überkatz. In June 2012, Ilanga's brother Injabulo left the Sequoia and joined group leaving only Yoda in the Sequoia. Then in July Bruce and most of the adult males left the group to rejoin the Sequoia. Ilanga and her three brothers remained with the Überkatz. Within November 2012 Ilanga was evicted by the dominant female Tina and disappeared at the young age of ten months old.


Sequoia Mob

Überkatz Mob

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