Igraine Avatar

Igraine Avatar

Formerly of the Frisky and Jabberwocky
Date of Birth
Janaury 24, 1994
Date of Death
March 15, 2000
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Venus and VAM002
Wild males
Jubulani Young Ones, VYM002, VYF003, VYF003 and Riki Frisky etc...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Frisky
Also Known As
Only Dominant Female of the Jabberwocky


Igraine(VAF004) was born in the Avatar on Janaury 24, 1994  Her mother was dominant female Venus and her father was VAM002, the dominant male. One of Irgaine's litter-mates was her sister Morgause(VAF005). Igraine survived to adulthood and took the role as a subordinate female. However, she did not maintain this position long. She stayed in the Avatar for a year, when in 1995, the dominant female Venus and dominant male disappeared. The Avatar family did not establish a new dominant couple. Then, all the males left, leaving just four Avatar females. Igraine, Morgause and two older females named Ziziphus and Lazuli were the only surviviors. The four females stayed together for a while but something forced them to split into two groups. Lazuli and Ziziphus formed Lazuli Mob with wild males. Igraine and Morgause joined two Drie Doring males named Arah and Keros,.

Young Ones

Igraine and Morgause stayed with the two Drie Doring males to form Young Ones in 1995. In the confusion of a domnant icouple both females mated with the males. On Janaury 2, 1996, Igraine gave birth to Jubulani, VYM002, VYF003 and VYF004. This was her very first litter of pups and surprisingly all the pups survivied. During this time, Morgause became the dominant female of the Young Ones beside Keros, who had beaten Arah out of becoming the dominant male.  Igraine remained as a subordinate female under her sister for around a year and a half. During this time, Morgause would evict Igraine and her three daughters frequantly whenever she was pregnant. However, in 1997 this was all changed. Morgause evicted Igraine, Jubulani, VYF002 and VYF003 for good.


The evicted females stayed together and a started a group of just female meerkats called Hobo. One of the females, prehaps Igraine, since she was the oldest, was fitted with a radio collar. They were unlikly to produce any survivng litters because there were only four adults. Any pups were probably abandoned or killed by larger groups.  The band of females remained together for a few months and the KMP followed them but the Hobo was no longer followed, but the females reappeared in the compainy of wild males on August 25, 1997.


Igraine was identified as the dominant female of the new Frisky when the group was first formed. One of the wild males became the domiant male at her side. They were a small group, mainly consisting of wild animals. The females soon started to produce litters. Irgaine gave birth to Riki, VFM002, VFF003 and VFM004 on October 24,1997 however Riki survived. On December 11,1997 Igraine killed VYF004's litter born in an aardvark hole. Two weeks later Igraine aborted her litter and was seen eating the foetuses she aborted. On December 27,1997 two pups from Irgaine's first litter VFM002 and VFM004 were found not beeing unable to walk nor breath properly and died. Their sister VFF003 was assumed predated. On February 8, 1998 VYF003 gave birth but lost her litter to Igraine who was pregnant. Then a month later on March 6, 1998 Igraine gave birth birth to VFP005, VFP006 and VFP007, but all three pups were killed by VYF004 who was pregnant. However VYF004 aborted her litter soon after. On June 18, 1998  a rover named Delpheus was seen roving at the group. Then Octans from Elveera was also seen roving at the Frisky. VYF004 and Jubulani give birth on August 23, 1998 to a mixed litter of 8 pups in which three pups survived. Igraine's reign of her Frisky group had lasted a year and in September, Igraine disappeared underground for several days and when she emerged her tail was soaked in dry blood, either a result of a miscarrage or fight. By then the group had her behind at the burrow and she only rejoined the Frisky two weeks later on September 23, 1998, but was unable to re-established dominance. Jubulani had taken dominance during Irgaine's two weeks absence and the group had accepted her as the new dominant female. Igraine was unable to regain her position as the group's leader, despite being much older than her daughter. Then on October 5, 1998 a wild male from the Drie Doring named Rambo joined the group while the males were away roving. There was a quick dominance fight between the females, on October 25, 19988 Jubulani won dominance and remained the dominant female fo the Frisky. Rambo left the group soon after and one of the returning Frisky males established dominance. Irgaine remained a subordinante in the Frisky for several months however she had a chance at dominance again when the group split in December, yet it was unclear which spliter she was apart of. Her daughter VYF004 gave birth on December 18,1998 during a group split so her litter was lost. The two group rejoined and Jubulani gave birth to another litter. On May 13, 1999 Igraine started to stop being submissive to Jubulani, however Jubulani and the other females attacked Igraine and drove her out fo the group as a result. Jubulani later evicted VYF003 and VYF004 when she was pregnant.


Igraine teamped up with her daughters VYF004 and VYF003 dispersed with five wild males on May 19, 1999. Irgaine's mob form a new group called the Jabberwocky. Igraine became dominant female once again with one of the wild males. The group produced a litter. However, only two pups survived from the litter. The subrodinante males kept on roving even with pups in the group. Then another litter was produced, this litter had four pups. Then, Igraine's other two oldest daughters were predated, and with that all the males left the group, leaving Irgaine with two sub-adults and four new pups. The group was no longer followed since there were no more breeding individuals. It is unknown if the group survived or if it died out. Igraine could not attract another mate and with her being the only adult in the group, it is likely that they died off. Igraine was Last Seen on March 15, 2000. Igraine was in the KMP meerkat population for five years and help formed four groups; Young Ones, Hobo, Frisky and Jabberwocky and was the dominant female of three of these mobs, Hobo, Frisky and Jabberwocky. The Frisky were lost thirteen years later. However, her bloodline still runs in Drie Doring today.


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