Hutch Gosa

Hutch Gosa

Date of Birth
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Possibly Cleopatra and Gandalf
Possibly Starsky , Matimba y Priscilla .
Known For
subordinate male Gosa Group
Also Known As
male rover

Hutch was First Seen in the Gosa Mob as a juvenile subordinate male. The Gosa seemed to have suffered a group split leaving just ten members. The group was being led by Cleopatra as the dominant female and Gandalf as the dominant male. It is unknown if the dominant couple were relatives of Hutch. Hutch was believed to be the brother of three other same-aged Gosa members called Starsky, Matimba and Priscilla. Hutch spent much of his time play-fighting with Starsky. Sometime in July 2012 Hutch and Starsky were separated from the group while foraging. The dominant male Gandalf left the Gosa to search for them but disappeared. Hutch and Starsky found their way back to the Gosa, where Starsky became the new dominant male in spite being younger than most of the other males. In August a wild male named Malaki joined the group and became the new dominant male. Cleopatra became pregnant but it was unknown if Malaki or Gandalf was the father of the litter. In September the Gosa disappeared for a month then reappeared in October with four pups. Sadly one of the pups was killed by a monitor lizard. In Janaury 2013, Cleopatra gave birth to a new litter of five pups. In February when the pusp started to forage, the Gosa experienced a small splinter, Hutch and Starsky were seen heading away with the weakest pup but the splinter groups soon rejoined. However two of the pups were lost. Hutch is still alive today in the Gosa Mob.


Gosa Mob

Kalahari Meerkats

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