Humphry(VVM028) was born on as born in the Vivian group on September 21, 1998. His mother was Vivian, and his father was VYM009. His litter-mate was his one sister named Rhian(VVF029). Their father was a rover from the Young Ones; however, the dominant male at the time was Stinker. Both Rhian and Humphy survived to adulthood. Humphry lived an uneventful life, being a low-key member of the group. He went roving from time-to-time with the other males. In 2000, Vivian died, and his sister Rhian assumed dominance over the group. Humphry went roving along with Genghis in late 2000 and met up with some Young Ones females to form the QQ. Then two Lazuli males joined the group, causing Genghis to leave the group to join the Whiskers. It seesm Humphry stayed in the group a little longer, but he was not able to take dominance and remained submissive to the Lazuli males. Argon later went to rejoin the Whiskers before disappearing, so it is likely that Delpheus took dominance. Humphry later went roving and was Last Seen on Octover 6, 2001.


Vivian Mob

QQ Mob

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