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Nik Nak Sequoia

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Nik Nak Sequoia
Formerly of the Hooligans
Fatty McFatty, Bumpy and Pitio

Nik Nak(VSQF009) was born in the Sequoia Mob on December 1, 2008 to Finn. Her litter-mates were VSQP006, VSQP010, RU(VSQF005), Mungallchops(VSQM007) and Laurence(VSQM008). She and her litter-mates survived their first few months soon the small Sequoia splintered, Finn, VSQP006 and VSQP010 and some of the other meerkats left the group to form the Pretenders Mob. Nik Nak and her litter-mates reach their first year. Nik Nak and her sister RU were the oldest subordinante females in the Sequoia. Nik Nka never had a surviving litter in the Sequoia and she was often evicted by Benzedrine. Nik Nka lived in the Sequoia for three years before her life changed. In November 2011, the Sequoia splinter again. Most of the males rejoined the Sequoia while Nik Nak and a few other disappeared. In April 2012 the splinter group was found and called the Hooligans. Nik Nak was the oldest of the females so she took dominance. The Hooligans were only three members, two of the splinter group meerkats had disappared. The only male Fat Jesus took dominance beside Nik Nak. Several males appeared at the group most left and returned to their own mob. Finally a Whisker male named Pitio joined the group and took dominance however Nik Nak was already pregant after mating with Baobab males. She sadly aborted her litter and became pregnant again but Pitio had left the group then returned before leaving again. Fat Jesus had gone roving and Nik Nak had evicted Poepholita the only other female. Nik Nak found herself alone and wondered around visiting other groups. Sadly she was predated on October 25, 2012.

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