Janaury 2013: Gene and Megan Fox met up with VHBM001 and VHBM002. Gene was pregnant. Unknown roving, evictioned and visitors. One encounter with Toyota.

February 2013: Four wild males, VHBM003, VHBM004, VHBM005 and VHBM006 joined the group. Gene was pregnant but aborted her litter. Unknown roving, evictioned and visitors.

March 2013: 3 wild males were absent at the end of the month.

April 2013: Megan Fox died fo TB. One encounter with Toyota and Whiskers. Four wild males left the group and joined the Toyota. Gene and the other remaining males were absent.

May 2013: Gene was seen still in the area. No other events.

June 2013: Gene rejoined the Goodfellas. The Honey Badgers were lost.

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