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(VVHM005) was born on January 15, 2008. His mother was Bananas and his father was an unknown rover. His litter-mates were his three sisters Chole(VVHF003), Juani(VVHF004) and Tortilla(VVHF006) Hoiki-Tu was born when his mother Bananas was with her two sisters Flo and Billy and after a month in February the group of 7(Bananas,Billy,Flo,Hoki-Tu,Juani,Tortilla and Chole) were joined by two wild males Titan and Plonker and the group of 9 was named Van Helsing. His mother Bananas did not win dominant female, his aunt Flo won the position with wild male Titan as dominant male. The Van Helsing group had a territory near the Aztecs Mob. Hoki-Tu and his sisters survived their first weeks and started foraging with the adults. His mother Bananas was Last Seen in October 2008. Hoki-Tu and his sisters made it to adulthood and started helping out around the mob by babysitting, caring for the pups and keeping sentry. Hoki-Tu started to rove like any male his age. His sisters disappeared in late 2009 making Hoki-Tu th elast of his litter within the mob. Plonker also disappeared leaving Hoki-Tu as the oldest subordinate male. Hoki-tu often roved at other groups and may have fathered some pups. He was also seen with his cousin Adhuil babysitting. In late 2010, Hoki-Tu went roving and disappeared. He was considered Last Seen.


Bananas Whiskers

Tortilla Van Helsing

Juani Van Helsing

Chole Van Helsing

Van Helsing Mob

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