Hobo Mob

Hobo Mob
Date of Formation
Igraine and Jubulani
The Hobo Mob was formed in 1997 by Igraine (VAF004) and Jubulani from the Young Ones. The mob didn’t last long when some wild males soon joined the females. The group settled down and established a territory. The group’s named was changed to the Frisky. So the Hobo was the original named given to the Young Ones females
Jubulani Young Ones(VYF005)
Igraine Avatar

Igraine and a pup


Alpha Pair

Since there were no males in the Hobo, there was no dominant male. When the females met the wild males and form the Frisky, Jubulani became the dominance female over Igraine.


Frisky Mob

Jubulani Young Ones

Igraine Avatar

Young Ones Mob

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