Hazwell in 2012

(VVHM028) was born sometime between 7-9 of February 2010 in the Van Helsing Mob. His mother was Billy and his father was an unknown male. Hazwell had three littermates, two sisters called Florence(VVHF027) and Mogwai(VVHF029), and one brother named Romburg(VVHM030). Hazwell and his littermates all survived to adtulhood. In February 2011, Hazwell's brother Romburg went roving for the first time. Hazwell did not join him. Later that year, Billy started to evict Hazwell's sisters, Florence and Mogwai, from the group. But both of them always returned to the mob. In October 2011 Hazwell went roving for the first time. He and his brother Romburg did not rove frequently. In November 2012, Hazwell's sister Florence was Last Seen after being evicted from the group. The next month a large group of Van Helsing males, 12 in total including Hazwell and the dominant male Titan, went roving. A young pup, VVHP061, went with them and was sadly predated. At this time, Hazwell's sister Mogwai was evicted from the group and reappeared many times. She was eventually Last Seen in late 2013. In July 2013 Hazwell went roving with Titan, Romburg and Harrison left the Van Helsing to go roving.


The rovers came across the Nequoia. The group was small and had no resident males so the Van Helsing rovers easily joined them. Titan became the dominant male however in August 2013 he disappeared after starting to show signs of disease. That same month Hazwell's brother Romburg rejoined the Van Helsing and became the natal-dominant male. In October 2013 Hazwell left the Nequoia.

Kung Fu

Hazwell joined the Kung Fu Mob, which included some of his younger brothers. Hazwell's younger brother Priscilla became the dominant male. Hazwell continued to go roving with other males in the group. In December 2013 Hazwell was absent from the group. He had contracted severe TB, so he is not expected to return. He was sadly Last Seen in January 2014 and presumed dead.

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