Hab(VSQF017) was born on December 8, 2009, into the Sequoia. Her mother was Benzedrine, and her father was most likely Bruce. Hab was born into a litter of four; her littermates were Leaf(VSQM018), Lord Stanley(VSQM015), and VSQP016. Her unnamed sibling was predated within the next month. In December 2010 and February 2011, Hab's brother Lord Stanley went roving with older group males. In November there was a group split. Nik Nak and a few other meerkats was separated and Last Seen but reappeared back in April 2012. In June there was another group split giving rise to the Überkatz, the group included Hab's brother Leaf. In June 2012, Benzendrine evicted Hab. While being evicted, Hab joined up with some of her brothers; they visited the Aztecs before returning to Sequoia. They discovered that the Sequoia had a new dominant female, RU. She allowed Hab and her brothers to rejoin the group. In late 2011, Hab fell pregnant for the first time. Sadly, in November 2011, she aborted her litter. In September 2012, Hab was evicted from the group by RU and was sadly Last Seen.


Sequoia Mob

Benzedrine Commandos

Bruce Chuckle Bros

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