,HP(VLF110)was born on March 12, 2005 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Alina and her father was a rover named Sniff. HP was born in an averange litter of four pups VLP109, Young (VLF111) and VLP0112. before the pups were born Alina had mated with two Moomins males, Sniff, HP's father, and his cousin Stinky who was Young's father. The dominant female at the time was Cazanna, she had no pups of her own so she allowed the subordinate litter to remain in the Lazuli. Sady VLP109 was predated at three weeks old soon after the pups ememgered. VLP112 disappeared while the group was out foraging leaving just HP and Young. The dominant male, HP's grandfather, Basil died in July leaving natal males to take dominance. Alina was evicted by Cazanna and disappeared with the oldest females. Before HP and Young's first birthday, the two females mated with rovers and both became pregnant. On April 24, 2006 both sisters gave birth to a mix litter of seven pups; Shaka Zulu, Flax, Bernard, Lallie, Landie, Teaser and Caroline. The pups survived their first few weeks. The pups were needed in the small group. The dominant female Cazanna died and her eldest remaining daughter Aretha took over as the new dominant female. HP and Young soon became the oldest females in the group after living in the Lazuli for two years. Aretha was evicted Mungojerry, Bonzo, Zooey and HP who all disappeared probably join wild males. HP was Last Seen on October 29, 2007.


Lazuli Mob

Young Lazuli

Shaka Zulu Lazuli

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