Griffin Mob

The Griffin was a composition group, meaning it was made by many meerkats from many different groups, unlike most mobs which are founded by males from one group joining females from another group. The Griffin mob was one of the first to be observed at the Kuruman River Reserve study Site. The group was lost after several dominance changes. The groups numbers dropped after predation and evictions. The Griffin mob was no longer followed after a year.

Dominant Pair

With many meerkats from different clans, it was hard for one meerkat to settle in the dominant position. With so many unrelated males, none of the males could keep male dominance. It was the same thing for the females. The group's numbers drop, since there were no defined breeding pair. The clan lost members due to predation, disease and eviction.

All Known Members

There are no records determining how many meerkats were a part of the mob, nor what the names or codes of individuals were.

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