January 2010: VGRM001, VGRM002, VGRF003, VGRF004, VGRF005, VGRF006, VGRM007 and male pup VGRM008 was found in the old Geckos territory, believed to be the remaining members of the Geckoes. VGRF004 gave birth to VGRP009, VGRP010 and VGRP011. The dominant pair was unknown.

February 2010: Dominant pair was still unknown. All three pups were still alive.

March 2010: VGRF003 was discovered to be the dominant female and she was pregnant. Dominant male unknown.

April 2010: VGRF003 gave birth but lost her litter. VGRF004 was pregnant again. The dominant male was unknown.

May 2010: One member was absent at the end of the month. One encountered with Kung Fu.

June 2010: Gremilins were not located this month and were missing.

July 2010: Gremlins were missing.

August 2010: Gremilins were missing.

September 2010: Gremlins were missing.

October 2010: Gremlins were Last Seen since they couldn't be reloctaed since May.

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