All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Gosa Mob.

Cleopatra (Female)

Gandalf (Male)

Delilah (Female)

Dingaan (Male)

Brutus (Male)

Napoleon (Male)

Starsky (Male)

Hutch (Male)

Matimba (Female)

Priscella (Female)

Solo (Female)

Malaki (Male)

Xena (Female)

Punk (Male)

Unnamed Pup (Gender Unkown)

Unnamed Pup (Gender Unkown)

Flo (Female)

Daisy (Female)

Zeus (Male)

Unnamed Pup (Gender Unknown)

Unnamed Pup (Gender Unknown)

Last Known Members

There were 15 members in the Gosa mob in June 2013.

Cleopatra (Female) Dominant Female

Gandalf (Male) Dominant Male

Delilah (Female)

Dingaan (Male)

Brutus (Male)

Napoleon (Male)

Starsky (Male)

Hutch (Male)

Matimba (Female)

Priscella (Female)

Solo (Female)

Xena (Female)

Punk (Male)

Zeus (Male)

Flo (Female)

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