March 2012: Evicted female Solo was attacked by Cleopatra and was absent from the group.

April 2012: Gosa started to be followed. Cleopatra and Gandalf were the dominant pair. Delilah was pregnant. Solo appeared and was absent. Brutus and Napoleon went roving.

May 2012: Delilah gave birth but the pups were abandonded after Cleo instigated a burrow move. The Gosa split up. Solo joined Delilah's half. The two groups rejoined and Solo was allowed to stay.

June 2012: No events.

July 2012: Hutch and Starsky were separated from the group but later rejoined. Gandalf disappeared. Starsky became the dominant male.

August 2012: A wild male named Malaki joined the group and became the new dominant male.

September 2012: Cleopatra was pregnant. The Gosa went missing.

October 2012: The Gosa was found. Cleopatra gave birth to four pups, two were Xena and Punk.

November 2012: The pups emerged and started foraging.

December 2012: Cleo was pregnant. Malaki was bitten by a puff adder and died.

January 2013: Cleo gave birth to five pups, Flo, Daisy, Zeus and two unnamed pups.

February 2013: Starsky, Hutch and one of the pups were separated but rejoined. Starsky spent a night away from the burrow with a wild female before rejoining. Priscilla got seperated from the group but rejoined. Two of the pups were lost.

March 2013: No events.

April 2013: The group split but rejoined. Two encounters with Jaco's Dune. Starsky was separated from the group during one encounter by rejoined that night.

May 2013: Matimba was evicted. Daisy was bitten by a puff adder and later died. Gandalf rejoined the group. Hutch, Gandalf and Brutus competed for dominance. Brutus assumed dominance.

June 2013: Matimba was bitten by a snake and survived. Gandalf overthrew Brutus. Updates on the Gosa gang ceased.

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