Goose KU


was born on September 9, 2009 in the Kung Fu Mob. His mother was Kleintjie and his father was Ningaloo. He had three littermates, including a brother named Ice Man(VKUM024) and two sisters named Slyder(VKUF028) and Stumpy(VKUF027). All four of the pups survived their first year. In October, 2010, Goose and Ice Man went on their first roving trip along with other Kung Fu males. In December, that same year, both of Goose's sisters were evicted for the first time. The next month, Slyder was pregnant but sadly aborted in February, 2011. Throughout her struggles, Goose continued to rove. In April, 2011, Slyder gave birth to a mixed litter along with her older sister, Pilko. Goose's other sister, Stumpy, was seldom evicted. Unfortunately, in July 2011, both Ice Man and Stumpy died. Although Goose continued to rove, he is still a member of the Kung Fu. His sister, Slyder, is also still living in the Kung Fu as of October, 2011. In mid 2012 he was seen mating with Enili of the Whiskers. In December 2012 he went roving with his brothers and was considered Last Seen.


Kung Fu Mob

Slyder Kung Fu

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