Goldeneye (VBBM095) was born in March 2014 in the Baobab. His mother was Amarula, the dominant female. His father was believed to be a Lazuli rover named Cagliostro. His litter mates were Yippee Ki Yay (VBBM096), Sharknado (VBBM097) and Black Briar (VBBM098). All four of them survived their first weeks and started foraging with the adults. It wasn't long before Goldeneye and his siblings could fend for themselves. Goldeneye went roving for the first time in October 2014, at just seven months of age. Five months later, he reached adulthood along with his brothers. Goldeneye started to help out with sentry duty and babysitting. However, Goldeneye didn't stay in the group for very long. He left in May 2015 along with his uncle, Butch, cousins Gansen and Laddu and his older brother Bedonde.

Drie Doring 

The Baobab rovers came across the Drie Doring group. All of the adult males were out roving so infiltrating the group was easy. When the four Drie Doring males came bac the submitted to the Baobab males and left. Butch immediately took dominance alongside female Parmesan. In August Parmesan and subordinate female Red Leicester gave birth to eight pups. Goldeneye was one of the only males that stayed with the group. That is until May 2016, the group had dwindled due to TB and it was just him, Bedonde and a sub-adult female. The two others succumbed to TB and he left to rove. When he left he was in actually very good condition but he left the population. So, he is Last Seen as of May 2016, but there is a high chance he is still alive.

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