Gimli(VZZM061) was born on the 2nd of December, 2007, into the Zappa. His mother was the dominant female Punk, and his father was the dominant male Withnail. Gimli was born into a litter of three; his two siblings included a female named Eowyn(VZZF062) and a pup of unknown gender VZZP063. VZZP063's gender was never discovered because they were predated that same month. At the time, the Zappa were a dying group; there were very few members due to disease and predation. Gimli's mother Punk was predated in August 2008 and his father Withnail was Last Seen in late 2008. Gimli's cousins Milla and Katesa assumed dominance in the group, but Milla disappeared in November 2008. That same month, Gimli left the group and disappeared, leaving only five Zappa members remaining: Katesa, his sister Eowyn, and Milla's three pups. The group was Last Seen in December 2008.


Mother: Punk.

Father: Withnail.

Siblings: Eowyn and VZZP063.


Eowyn Zappa

Zappa Mob

Punk Zappa

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