August 2014: Drie Doring 3 was formed when Drie Doring females Patch and Cookiecutter joined up with VGKM005, VGKM006, VGKF007 and VGKM008. Patch became the dominant female and was pregnant. No dominant male. Unknown evictions, rovings and absent meerkats.

September 2014: Drie Doring 3 was renamed GenghisKhats. Patch and Cookiecutter were pregnant.

October 2014: Patch and Cookiecutter were pregnant. Unknown evictions, rovings and absences.

November 2014: Unknown dominant female. Patch's litter was lost. Cookiecutter gave birth to Leo, Noah, Will and Elliot. Snowy and VDF171 visited. Unknown evictions, rovings and absences.

December 2014: Patch and Cookiecutter were pregnant. Unknown rovings, evictions and absences.

January 2015: Patch and Cookiecutter were pregnant. Will was Last Seen.

February 2015: Cookiecutter aborted. Patch was pregnant. 

March 2015: Patch gave birth to VGKF009. VGKM008 went roving. VGKM008 was Last Seen. Elliot was evicted and Last Seen. Two group splits, one overnight and another uncertain. Patch and VGKM006 were the dominant pair. 

April 2015: Cookiecutter was pregnant but aborted. VGKF009 was predated. VGKF007 was evicted and Last Seen.

May 2015: VGKM005 and VGKM006 went roving.

June 2015: Unknown dominant male. Noah went roving. Cookiecutter and Leo were evicted. Cookiecutter and VGKM005 died. One encounter with Axolotls. Noah and Leo were absent.

July 2015: VGKM006 and Noah went roving. Leo was evicted. Unknown absences.

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