Gandalf Gosa

Gandalf Gosa1

Yes, of the Gosa
Date of Birth
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Possibly Xena, Punk, Hutch, Matimba, Priscilla, etc.
Known For
Re-appearing after 10 months
Also Known As
First known dominant male of the Gosa

Gandalf was a wild meerkat who was First Seen as the dominant male of the Gosa Mob. The dominant female at his side was Cleopatra. Gandalf was considered to be a hard-working patriarch, with no sign of any major threat for his position on the horizon. However, he often asserted his dominance on a subordinate male in the group called Brutus, who tried mating with some subordinate females within the mob. In July 2012, two young males named Starsky and Hutch were separated from the main group. Gandalf left the Gosa to find the pair, but got lost himself. Gandalf encountered a splintered half of the Jaco's Dune Mob, which at the time consisted of mostly females and very young members. Something spooked the rival group and caused them to flee, leaving behind one of the youngest meerkats. Gandalf came across the young meerkat but showed no aggresion towards it. The two didn't remain together and both meerkats disappeared. The two males Gandalf was searching for made it back into the Gosa where Starsky took up dominance in his place. However in August 2012 a wild male named Malaki joined the Gosa and became the new dominant male. Cleopatra was heavily pregnant in September however the father of the litter was unknown. Later in 2012, Malakai was bitten by a puff adder and died. Following this, Brutus assumed dominance. In May 2013 a new male, who at the time was referred to as Grey Owl, joined the group. It was later discovered that this male was the long-lost Gandalf. In June 2013 Gandalf and Hutch challenged Brutus for dominance. Eventually, Gandalf claimed the position of dominant male. Gandalf is still alive today as the dominant male of the Gosa.


Gosa Mob

Kalahari Meerkats

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