Frusciante in 2011.

Frusciante(VVHF034) was born in April 2010, into the Van Helsing. Her mother was the dominant female Billy, and her father was an unknown male. Frusciante had three littermates: two sisters named Chugger Khan(VVHF032) and Marmaduke(VVHF033) and a brother named Priscilla(VVHM031). They all survived to adulthood. In late 2011, Billy started evicting Frusciante and her sisters, and Frusciante's brother Priscilla started roving. Chugger Khan and Marmaduke were both Last Seen after being evicted in November 2012. The next month Frusciante was evicted again while her brother Priscilla went roving with twelve other Van Helsing males. In April 2013, Frusciante's mother Billy was sadly predated. Frusciante became the next dominant female, in spite of not being the oldest living female in the group. In September 2013, Frusciate was pregnant, but she was evicted by a subordinate and aborted her litter. She was able to rejoin her family. In October 2013, Frusciante's dominance was challenged by her younger sister Bes 1, who was pregnant. Bes 1 overthrew Frusciante, taking her position of dominant female. Frusciante was forced into a subordinate position in the mob. Frusciante was regularly evicted by her sister, because she was the oldest female meerkat in the group. In December 2013, Frusciante was sadly Last Seen after being evicted from the group.


Van Helsing Mob

Billy Whiskers

Bes 1 Van Helsing

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