Frosting feeding cubs Tina.

Frosting with her adopted pups.

Frosting(VUKF003) was born in September 2012 in the Überkatz. Her mother was Tina, the dominant female, and her father was most likely Gump, the dominant male. Frosting was born in a litter of three; she had a sister named Cupcake(VUKF001) and a brother named J(VUKM002). The pups were the first litter ever born in the Überkatz. While the pups were still too young to leave the burrow, the Überkatz went foraging and did not return until three days later. Frosting's aunt Talkeenta was babysitting during that time and remained with the pups for the full three days until the group returned. The pups survived their first few months and remained the only pups in the group until Tina's next litter. In March 2013, Frosting's sister Cupcake was evicted and Last Seen at the age of six months. In April 2013, Frosting was evicted for the first time, but managed to rejoin the mob. Her brother J became separated from the group, but a few days later managed to find and rejoin the mob. Later he was Last Seen, leaving Frosting as the last of her litter. Frosting started to babysit the pups at a year of age and soon became the oldest subordinate female under her mother Tina. After Tina's death in March 2014, Frosting took over the role of dominant female until she died in early July 2016 after being run over on the main road alongside Pitio and a pup, bringing the Überkatz mob to an end.


Überkatz Mob

Tina Sequoia

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