July 2013: Littl'un, Robindrew, Kensie, Tits McGee, Luka, Gypsy, Tyke, Squirt and Weenie from the Kung Fu joined up with Fatty Mc Fatty, Crusty, Lionel, Lanky Dave, Shredder, Uncle Phil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Jay-B, Uter Pendragon, Dexter Morgan and Sundance Kid from the Baobab to form Freakin' Awesome. Littl'un and Fatty Mc Fatty became the dominant pair.

August 2013: Tits McGee and Squirt were evicted. Crusty, Lionel, Lankey Dave, Uncle Phil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil went roving. Four encounters with Pandora. Squirt was absent.

September 2013: Squirt was Last Seen. Fatty Mc Fatty, Lionel, Lankey Dave, Shredder, Speak No Evil, Uter Pendragon and Sundance Kid went roving. Littl'un was evicted. Jam and an unknown adult were encountered. Six encounters with Pandora, two with Mayans and one with an unknown group. Littl'un was absent. Robindrew became the new dominant female.

October 2013: Littl'un was Last Seen. Weenie died. Fatty Mc Fatty and Crusty went roving. Lionel became the new dominant male. Four encounters with Pandora. Freakin' Awesome was later renamed to Friskarmy.

November 2013: Lionel was overthrown by Lanky Dave who became the new dominant male. Crusty left the group and rejoined the Baobab. Robindrew and Gypsy were pregnant. Kensie and Tits McGee were evicted. An unknown meerkat visited. Fatty Mc Fatty, Kensie and Tits McGee were absent. Fatty Mc Fatty was Last Seen.

December 2013: Robindrew gave birth to Irn-Bru, Kevin and Roseneath. Luka, Gypsy and Tyke were evicted. Lanky Dave and Speak No Evil went roving. An unknown meerkat visited. Speak No Evil,  Luka, Gypsy and Tyke were absent. 

January 2014: Luka, Gypsy and Tyke left the group and formed Ghostbursts. Robindrew, Kensie, and Tits McGee were pregnent. Lanky Dave, Dexter Morgan, Uter Pendragon, Sundance Kid and Jay-B went roving. Two encounters with Ghostbursts. Speak No Evil was absent.

February 2014: Robindrew, Kensie, and Tits McGee were pregnent. Speak No Evil was Last Seen. Kensie and Tits McGee were evicted. Kensie, and Tits McGee appeared. Kensie, and Tits McGee were absent.

March 2014: Robindrew and Tits McGee gave birth to Splash, Clachan A Choine, VFAM006 and Saligo.  Kensie lost her litter. Jay-B and Uter Pendragon went roving. Shredder was Last Seen. Kensie and Tits McGee were evicted.

April 2014: VGBF009, VGBF010, VGBM011 and VGBP012 were kidnapped from the Ghostbusters. Two encounters with Ghostbusters. VGBP012 was absent.

May 2014: VGBP008 joined the group but was killed. VGBP012 was predated. Uncle Phil went roving. An unknown wild male visited three times. One encounter with Ghostbusters and an unknown wild group. 

June 2014: Unknown dominant male. Sundance Kid died. Robindew was pregnant. Kensie and Tits McGee were evicted. Lionel, Lanky Dave, Uncle Phil and Kevin went roving. Kensie, Tits McGee, Lanky Dave, Lionel and Uncle Phil appeared back at the group and were absent.

July 2014: Uter Pendragon became the dominant male. Robindrew gave birth to VFAF008, Emmasauross, Ray Ray and VFAF011 (and Osprey??). VFAM006 was Last Seen. Hear No Evil went roving. Lionel, Uncle Phil, Kensie, Tits McGee and an unknown meerkat appeared. Lionel, Uncle Phil, Kensie, Tits McGee was absent.

August 2014: VGBM011 was Last Seen. Jay-B and Dexter Morgan went roving. Uncle Phil appeared once. Lankey Dave, Tits McGee was absent.

September 2014: Tits McGee died. Lionel and Jay-B went roving. VGBF009 and VGBF010 were Last Seen.

October 2014: Kevin died. Hear No Evil went roving. 

November 2014: VFAF011 was Last Seen. Uncle Phil and Dexter Morgan were Last Seen. Lionel, Hear No Evil and Jay-B went roving. Jay-B appeared once and was Last Seen.

December 2014: Robindrew aborted and died from TB. Unknown dominant female. VFAF008 and Roseneath were Last Seen. Lionel and Hear No Evil went roving. Hear No Evil was absent. 

January 2015: Unknown dominant female. Lionel became the dominant male and went roving. Irn-Bru, Splash and Hear No Evil were absent.

February 2015: Uter Pendragon died. Emmasauross went roving and was absent. Lionel, Clachan A Choine, Saligo, Emmasauross and Ray Ray were Last Seen. The group was no longer followed.

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