Friksarmy Mob

Friksarmy Group-X3

Date of Forming
July 2013
Dominant Female(s)
Littl'un, Robindrew, and Unknown
Dominant Male(s)
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
February 2015
Last Known Member
No information

Initially known as the Freakin' Awesome, later renamed the Friksarmy in October 2013, formed in July 2013 by nine Kung Fu females and twelve Baobab males. Dominance was unstable and changed several times. In 2014, the group started to show signs of disease. Robindrew was lost in December 2014, followed by many other members. By February 2015 the group was down to six members who disappeared with TB, bringing an end to the Friksarmy.

Dominant Pair

The position of dominant female was quickly taken up by Littl'un, the oldest of the females. The position of dominant male was taken up by Fatty Mc Fatty. Both disappeared and in September, so Robindrew became the dominant female with Lionel; however, Lionel was overthrown by Lanky Dave in late 2013. In June 2014, male dominance was unclear, but then in July 2014 Uter Pendragon took dominance. In December 2014, Robindrew was lost to disease leaving the dominant female position open. In early 2015, Lionel reclaimed dominance, but whoever took the position of dominant female was unclear.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Friskarmy.


Robindrew (VKUF039)

Kensie (VKUF042)

Tits McGee (VKUF055)

Luka (VKUF057)

Gypsy (VKUF058)

Tyke (VKUF061)

Squirt (VKUF067)

Weenie (VKUF068)

Fatty Mc Fatty (VBBM023)

Crusty (VBBM025)

Lionel (VBBM041)

Lanky Dave (VBBM044)

Shredder (VBBM063)

Uncle Phil (VBBM064)

Hear No Evil (VBBM066)

Speak No Evil (VBBM068)

Jay-B (VBBM075)

Robindrew (1 of 3)-X3

Robindrew as the dominant female.

Uter Pendragon (VBBM076)

Dexter Morgan (VBBM078)

Sundance Kid (VBBM081)

Irn-Bru (VFAF001)

Kevin (VFAM002)

Roseneath (VFAM003)

Splash (VFAF004)

Clachan A Choine (VFAM005)


Saligo (VFAM007)







Emmasauross (VFAM009)

Ray Ray (VFAF010)


Friksarmy on Alert


Osprey (VFAM012)

Last Known Members

The Friksarmy had five members in February 2015

Lionel (VBBM041)

Clachan A Choine (VFAM005)

Saligo (VFAM007)

Emmasauross (VFAM009)

Ray Ray (VFAF010)


Friskarmy's main enemies were the Pandora and Mayans. The mob had also encountered an unknown wild group. In 2014 some evicted Friksarmy females formed the Ghostbusters and became the group's main rivals until both mobs were lost.

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