Frida Moomins

Frida Moomins(VMMF024)

Date of Birth
March 25, 2005
Date of Death
September 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Grumpy and Burgan
Caravaggio, Georgia, Kadinsky, Rothko and Priscasso
Houdini? and Leonardo?
Known For
One of the six remaining females
Also Known As
No information

Frida(VMMF024) was born on March 25, 2005 in the Moomins Mob. Her mother was the dominant female, Grumpy, and her father was Burgan, the dominant male. Frida's littermates were Carravagio, Georgia, Kadinsky, Rothko and Priscasso. They survived to adulthood. Sadly, Burgan died in 2007 and Toft became the new dominant male. In late 2007 all but six females split and left the study site. The six females were Grumpy, Hemulen, Misable, Regopstaan, Little My and Frida the youngest of all. Then, a rover from the Hoax Mob named Houdini and became the dominant male. Frida may have mated with him or one of the four wild males who later joined the group and kicked him out. Their names were Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael and Michelangelo. Whatever the case, Frida was pregnant. On January 29, 2008 Frida ave birth to VMM047, Sexi Plexi, Bubble Toes and Elian. This was her first litter yet and the pups survived. Then, on November 2008, Frida gave birth to four males pups McGirkey, Beezelle, Grubby, Whitson and one female Lydia Teapot. Thanks to Frida's succeful litters, the Moomins recovered in the numbers they lost since Grumpy had not been productive in her later years. Little My and Houdini then left the group and were Last Seen. Frida started competing with the other adult females for dominance within the group. She was often see in play fights that would errupt into dominance competitions with Regopstaan, Misable and Hemulen. Hemulen proved to outrank them all however all the females were still submissive to Grumpy, the dominant female. Hemulen dominated over Frida but all the females were more dominant than Misable, who was the female subordinate. Frida was most often seen with Regopstaan in these fights. This led to Hemulen challenging Grumpy after she gave birth to six pups. Hemulen overthrew Grumpy and became the new dominant female. Grumpy died later of disease followed by Donatello. Rafeal and Michelanglo left the group to rove leaving only the dominant male Leonardo. Hemulen began to evicted females when she was pregnant to insure her dominance. In September 2009 Hemulen evicted Frida, Misable, Regopstaan and Sexi Plexi. The females were Last Seen probably teamed up with wild males. At the end of 2009, dominate male Leonardo died after Hemulen gave birth to his pups. Al Catraz, a Baobab male, then immigrated and took dominance next to Hemulen but she died the following month and the Moomins were lost due to TB infection.


Misable and Frida

A dominance assertion with Misable and Frida bowing up and Sexi Plexi behind them.

Mother: Grumpy.

Father: Burgan.

Brothers: Picasso, Kandinsky and Rothko.

Sister: Georgia.

Sons: VMM047, Beezelle, Grubby,Whitson and McGirky.

Daughters: Sexi Plexi, Bubble Toes, Elian and Lydia Teapot.


Moomins Mob

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