Fluffernutter Moomins

Fluffernutter Moomins

Date of Birth
December 15, 2005
Date of Death
October 28, 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Penn Moomins, Rocky Moomins, and Mich Moomins
Known For
The meerkat born without claws
Also Known As
Famous of all of the Moomins born meerkats

Fluffernutter(VMM031) was born on December 15, 2005, in the Moomins. His mother was Grumpy, and his father was Burgan. He was born with two brothers, Penn(VMMM032) and Maverick(VMMM034), and one sister named Mich(VMMF033). Fluffernutter had something different from the other pups: he was born without claws. As a pup, this was not a concern because he was being fed by the other older meerkats and did not have to catch his own food. As he got older, he was forced to fend for himself and catch his own prey. He was to hunt for prey like scorpions and beetles without the use of claws and so could only feed on ants and grub. Despite his disability, Fluffernutter and his three litter-mates made it to adulthood. His mother Grumpy had given birth to two more litters within this time. His father Burgan, who was the long-term dominant male, died, so Flutternutter's older brother Toft became the new dominant male. Fluffernutter began to go roving with some of the other males and so began to leave the group on roving expeditions from time to time. However, he remained in the group for two years and helped out with the few litters that were born after Burgan's death. Fluffernutter sadly disappeared soon after in a large group split. He was Last Seen on October 28, 2007, with most of the Moomins meerkats. It is unknown what happen to him; he could have left the splinter group with Toft and joined another group or he could have been predated.


Pictures of Flutternutter.


Moomins Mob

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