Finn MacCool Drie Doring

Finn MacCool5

Formerly of the Drie Doring
Date of Birth
April 6, 2006
Date of Death
Janaury 2011
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Clarabella and an unknown rover
The Pooka McPhelimy, Mollybloom and Dark Rosaleen
Known For
Clarabella's son
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Drie Doring

Finn MacCool(VDM108) was born on April 6, 2006 in the Drie Doring Mob. His mother was Clarabella and his father was an unknown rover.  Finn MacCool's father wa smost likely a rover from another group. He had three litter-mates; one brother named The Pooka McPhelimy(VDM109) and two sisters named Mollybloom(VDF111) and Dark Rosaleen(VDF112). His mother wasn't the dominant female, the dominant pair of the Drie Doring at the time was his aunt Makonkie and her mate Osprey, a Lazuli male. Since his litter was not the dominant female's pups, Makonkie could have killed the pups but she had no pups of her own at the time, so she allowed Clarabella to kepp her litter. Finn MacCool and his three litter-mates survived to adulthoot without much event. He lived as a suborinate male. Then Osprey died in April 2007 and Finn MacCool's older uncle Piripicchio took over as dominant male, however Finn MacCool was one of the oldest males in the group since his brother The Pooka McPhemlimy disappeared while roving in early 2007. Piripicchio stayed dominant male till November 2007 when he went roving and left the group. Finn MacCool was the oldest of the males in the group so he established himself as the new dominant male. Finn MacCool held dominance with Makonkie at his side for almost year until in 2008, Makonkie died and her daughter Mist took over as the new dominant female. Finn MacCool still held dominance a short time longer untill Mist's brother Thor, deposed him. Finn MacCool remained in the Drie Doring but only as a subordinate male. Thor and some other males left to rove and never came back in 2008. Finn MacCool took over as the dominant male again for the next two years. He often was seen roving because he could not mate with any of the females in the Drie Doring. He was often seen at the Frisky the closest monitored group to the Drie Doring where he mated with several females. However if he fathered and surviving pups is currently unknown. He also probably roved at the wild group nearby the Drie Doring. In early 2011 he went with two young males named Boetie and Sebeto, two of Mist's sons. The males were absent for sedveral months and Finn MacCool was delcared Last Seen. Soon after, his cousin Falco took male dominance in his absence. Since Finn MacCool was the oldest of the males and the most experience, if they joined another group, he most likely took dominance.


Drie Doring Mob

Clarabella Drie Doring

Mist Drie Doring

Thor Drie Doring

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