Figero on Meerkat Madness

Figaro(VLM037) was born on October 17, 1998 in the Lazuli. His mother was the dominant female Ziziphus and and hsi father was dominant male Belgarion. He was born into a litter of six, his litter-mates were VLP031, VLP032, Tatyana(VLF033), Papageno(VLM034), Elina(VLF035) and Lulu(VLF036). The pups survived their first few days and emerged for the first time at three weeks of age. At four weeks of age VLP031 and VLP032 were predated when the pups started foraging. Figaro and the rest of his litter survived to adulthood. Figaro became an active member of the group. He and his brother Papageno started to go roving while his sisters started to be evicted. He soon became the last of his litter in the Lazuli. Figaro stayed in the Lazuli until June 25, 2001, when he permenately left and was never seen again.

Meerkat Madness

Figaro was featured in the 2000 documentary, Meerkat Madness: Walking with Meerkats, as a common sentry. His litter-mate sister Lulu was also seen on the show as a babysitter.


Lazuli Mob

Lulu Lazuli

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