Fiend Rascals(VRRM098)


Field(VRRM089) was born on April 5, 2005 in the Rascals Mob. His mother was Yeca and his father was Spofi. His litter-mates were his two sisters Skwodnee(VRRF086), Blondie(VRRF087) and two brothers Darg(VRRM088) and Fool(VRRM090). His parents were the dominant pair of the Rascals so Field waqs well looked after by the whole group. At age 3 months old Field's mother gave birth too Jackson, Jammy B, Freya and Tooey. Field and his litter-mates reach a year of age. Sadly his mother died on July 1, 2007 followed by his father. His sister Blondie became the new dominant female along with Harvey. A few months later two Frisky males joined the group Fable took over as the new dominant male. Field stayed in the group a little longer. He was now at the age of two and like most adult males his age, he spend more and more time roving. He was seen roving around the wild mobs moving into the KMP site and probley joined one those groups. He went roving along with Harvey, Coatie, Shnoobkat, Darg, Fool, Jackson, Jammy B, Shelley, Sheenanigan, Skanks and Helsbels and left the group. Soon after Fable left the group. Field disappeared and was Last Seen in December 2007.


Rascals Mob

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