Fatty Mc Fatty(VBBM023)
VBBM023 Fatty McFatty

Fatty Mc Fatty

was born on November 26, 2008 in the Baobab. His mother was Hawkeye and his father was Al Pacino. It is unknown whether or not Fatty Mc Fatty was the only pup born in the litter, but he was the only pup to emerge from the burrow. He was the only pup in the group at the time so he was well cared for and survived to adulthood. His father Al Pacino was overthrown by Al Capone in early 2009 and disappeared. Roughly a year later Fatty Mc Fatty's mother Hawkeye died, leaving his aunt Cruise as the dominant female. In January 2011 Fatty Mc Fatty went roving for the first time. He spent much of his time roving for the rest of that year. In June 2012 he visited the nearby Hooligans Mob and was seen mating with the dominant female Nik Nak, however he did not join the group. His cousin Bumpy was also seen mating with Nik Nak, but she did not produce a surviving litter. Fatty Mc Fatty returned to the Baobab. For the rest of 2012 and for the first half of 2013 Fatty Mc Fatty continued to rove frequently, especially with his male relatives. In July 2013 he finally left the Baobab.


Fatty Mc Fatty and eleven other Baobab males joined up with nine Kung Fu females and formed the Friksarmy Mob. Fatty Mc Fatty, being the oldest of the males, established himself as the dominant male and the oldest female Littl'un became the dominant female. But in September 2013 she was overthown and evicted by her younger sister Robindrew. In October 2013 Fatty Mc Fatty lost his dominant position to Lionel, his younger half brother. Fatty Mc Fatty took to roving soon after. In November 2013 he left the group for good and was Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

Friksarmy Mob

Hawkeye Whiskers

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