Fantastic Mr. Fox(VGZM008) was First Seen in the Godzilla Mob in October 2010. His parents were probably the previous dominant pair. It was unclear which meerkats held the dominant position but for a few months it was suppected that Fantastic Mr. Fox was the dominant male. In February 2012, Fantastic Mr. Fox was confirmed to be the dominant male of the mob. The dominant female was Pancake. However he may have been a natal-dominant male because in June 2012, three Toyota, that were once in the last Yardies, joined the group. The oldest of the males Rafola became the dominant male. Fantastic Mr. Fox may leave the group soon however in early 2012 the Godzilla mob became infected with disease. Fantastic Mr. Fox is still alive today in the Godzilla.


Godzilla Mob

Pancake Godzilla

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