Fable(VFM120) was born on August 4, 2005 in Frisky. His mother was Frascati and his father was unknown. Fable otle was born with two litter-mates sister named Tangle(VFF119) and Bootle(VFF121). A month before Fable was born, a wild male named The Dude had joined the group and became the dominant male. Fable and his two sisters survived their first three months, then Frascati gave birth to another litter in October. Then in November, The Dude died and in December a Drie Doring male named Gazebo joined the Frisky and assumed male dominance beside Frascati. Fable and his sisters survived to adulthood. As an adult Fable was expected to help out around the mob with the pups and guard duty. Fable started to rove like all male. In Janaury 2007, Frascati died of disease and the position of dominant female was then taken by his sister Bootle. Fable became the oldest subordinate male under Gazebo.  In October 2007, Fable left the group along with another male name Clinton Baptiste.


The two rovers soon met up with a small group known as the Rascals. There were no adult males int he group, jsut four females, so the two males easily made their way into the mob. Fable became the dominant male beside Blondie, the new dominant female. In November Clinton Baptsite left the group leaving Fable as the only adult male. Fable's reign was brief, only about two months. In December Fable disappared and soon after two wild males joined the group. Fable was Last Seen on December 1, 2007.


Frisky Mob

Rascals Mob

Bootle Frisky

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