Famous Meerkats

McDreamy Kung Fu

McDreamy Kung Fu
Yes of the Ewoks

McDreamy was born in the Kung Fu Mob on January 28, 2008. Her mother is Benzedrine. McDreamy was born in a litter of six. Her litter-mates were VKUP003, Eliot, Bauer, Woolf and VKUP007. Both VKUP003 and VKUP007 died soon after the birth. McDreamy and her remaining litter mates survived to adulthood. Her mother Benzedrine was from the group and formed the Sequoia. McDreamy became the oldest female in the group. She wa snever able to produce a litter in the group. She was often evicted. She was the last of her litter to remain in the Kung Fu. She was evicted in late 2010 along with Dragon's Fist, Pai Mei, Princessco and Eagle's Claw. The females teamed up with two Rascals males and tow wild to form the Ewoks Mob. She assumed female dominance.

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