Ermintrude Zappa
Formerly of the Zappa
Date of Birth
Janaury 13, 2004
Date of Death
March 30, 2006
Cause of Death
Dougal, Brianthe Snail, Dylan and Zebred
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Zappa
Also Known As
Short-time dominant female of the Zappa

Ermintrude(VZZF027) was born in the Zappa Mob on January 13, 2004. Her mother was Bettik and her father was Mack the dominant pair of the Zappa. She was born in a large litter of five pups. Her litter-mates were her three brothers Brian the Snail(VZZM024), Dougal(VZZM025) Dylan(VZZM026) and one sister Zebred(VZZF028). Her litter survived to their first few months but Brian the Snail was predated before the year was out. Sadly her father died November 15, 2004. A small group of Young Ones males soon joined after, Glufs became the new dominant male beside Bettik. Not long after Bettik became pregnant and started evicted the eldest females from the group. Ermintrude and her sisters were evicted but Ermintrude managed to get back into the group being one of the young evicted females. Life changed for her when her mother Bettik died of disease on September 16, 2005. Ermintrude was the oldest females still in the group so she easily established herself as the new dominant female beside Glufs. Ermintrude soon became pregnant and gave birth to Monster Munch, Aurora, Scallywag and Shadowflax on December 4, 2005. All four pups survived and soon Ermintrude became pregnant agian. She gave birth to her second litter on February 24, 2006 to Naboo, Tatooine and Endor. Both of her litters survived however she didn't see her pups grow up. She sadly died of disease on March 30, 2006, only one month after her last litter. Her niece, Lola took dominace after her. Ermintrude was only the dominant female of the Zappa for six months.


Mother: Bettik

Father: Mack

Sister: Zeberd

Brothers: Brian the Snail, Dougal and Dylan

Mate: Glufs

Daughters: Tatooine and Aurora

Sons: Monster Munch, Scallywag, Shadowflax, Endor and Naboo


Zappa Mob

Bettik Elveera

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