Erdmännchen - Ein unschlagbares Team (translated into Meerkats - The Big Green) is a 45 minute German documentary released in 2010. The documentary uses footage seen in the english meerkat documentary titled Clan of the Meerkat, in addition to brand new scenes filmed in the Namib Desert of south-western Africa.


This nature film follows a small family of meerkats living in the dry Namib Desert. The group must work as a team to overcome attacks by a hungry jackal mother, raise litters of vulnerable pups and survive the rainless months that cause their food supply to dwindle. Only through co-operation can the family pull through the hard times and witness the arrival of the "Big Green", an occurence that turns the dry desert into a lush paradise for all animals.



Clan of the Meerkat

Other Meerkat Documentaries

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